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The reason why GENESIS (GNS) Project does not prefer other Node Mining-Based Crypto Mining is that we see that high device and energy costs have become a nightmare for miners of all blockchain-based projects.

In addition, mining is subject to strict conditions or prohibited in many countries due to these high energy costs. For this reason, the GENESIS network has determined and limited the mining time depending on the process of burning the total amount of a certain cryptocurrency in the market, which is a transparent, traceable and scalable structure for users.

In addition, with the cloud mining option, it saves its users from many additional costs, making it extremely easy and easy to start mining with a few clicks, even for people who have no previous experience.

Since GENESIS (GNS) production can be done with a limited number of devices by constantly reducing the number of devices for a total of 51 periods, each of which will last 90 days, a total of 18 million GNS production is expected for approximately 13 years.

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