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GENESIS (GNS) block explorer website can be visited between 15-20 December 2023. The BETA version will be available.

Users will be able to follow transactions on the entire network in full detail in a transparent manner. Additionally, upon completion of the BETA version, users will be able to easily perform many operations by logging in via GENESIS EXPLORER.

Transactions such as GNS20 and GNS10 Token production and creating a new wallet can be carried out within seconds in return for burning TALENT.

In addition, with the completion of BETA, GENESIS CHAIN will highlight its difference from other blockchain projects by providing a secure database for developers who do not trust the security structures of other database options.

It should also be emphasized that payment in TALENT (TLNT) will be required in order to receive all these services on the network. All TALENT (TLNT) balances received as fees in the network will be burned instantly.

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