What is the ROTA COIN ? CONTRACT ADDRESS : ROTA COIN: The Preferred Investment Choice Introduction: ROTA COIN emerges as a beacon of opportunity in the ever-expanding realm of cryptocurrencies. With its robust economic model, deflationary mechanics, and strategic approach to investor rewards, ROTA COIN presents itself as an attractive investment option for both […]


GENESIS GNS MINING MANIFESTO GENESIS GNS MINING MANIFESTO: WALKING TOWARD THE FUTURE WITH MATHEMATICS Dear GENESIS Family, We are witnessing a new era in the mining world and we are very happy to have you among us as the leaders of this era. As GENESIS GNS, we do not only produce crypto assets; We shape […]


The reason why many developers will prefer GENESIS is that it will save developers from costs such as devices and electricity, allowing them to focus on their work. In addition, GENESIS will become a life-affirming and usable tool for many corporate and personal developers who want to get rid of the security problems constantly caused […]

Why license code is required

What is GNS License Code Unique License Code is a password required for the device prepared for GNS MINING to start production. It is provided uniquely for each User, within each period. As the GENESIS (GNS) Project, we believe that allowing mining with a limited number of devices is necessary to create a more valuable […]

Why Combustion-Based Mining?

The reason why GENESIS (GNS) Project does not prefer other Node Mining-Based Crypto Mining is that we see that high device and energy costs have become a nightmare for miners of all blockchain-based projects. In addition, mining is subject to strict conditions or prohibited in many countries due to these high energy costs. For this […]

When Will Genesis Explorer Be Released?

GENESIS (GNS) block explorer website can be visited between 15-20 December 2023. The BETA version will be available. Users will be able to follow transactions on the entire network in full detail in a transparent manner. Additionally, upon completion of the BETA version, users will be able to easily perform many operations by logging in […]

What is the TALENT (TLNT) ?

🌟 Step into the Future with TALENT (TLNT) Coin! 🌟 🔥 We are thrilled to unveil the latest innovation in the world of cryptocurrency – TALENT (TLNT) Coin! 🔥 ✨ TALENT Coin is set to revolutionize the crypto landscape with its groundbreaking features and promising potential for investors. Here’s what you need to know: ✨ […]